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I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that I've finally started working on my next book!

As an author, there's nothing more exciting than diving headfirst into a new story, and I'm already feeling the creative energy flowing as I put pen to paper, (or, in my case, fingers to keyboard.) Lol.

As usual, I'll be keeping you all updated on my progress as I go, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for updates and sneak peeks. If you haven't signed up to be part of my VIP group, you can do so here.

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What readers are saying

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What a wonderful roller coaster of a love story!

I wanted the book to never end.

— Marge

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This story was fun and adorable!

I loved the banter!

— Anna

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I am head over heels in love with Jessie Cal's novels. Get you and your bestie a copy to enjoy together with a bottle of wine.

— Natalie F.

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