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Trouble in Love Series

Best friends. A fake date. A real kiss. And a disastrous wedding.

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Get married, fool everyone, and claim the prize money. No problem. What's the worst that could happen?

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An obsessive writer. A heartthrob neighbor. And a family wedding that will throw everything on its head.

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Old flame. New sparks. And a second chance at love.

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Romantic Suspense

Book 1

After waking up with retrograde amnesia, Mia has been struggling to piece together her past. When she starts sleepwalking and having recurring nightmares about a Chinese tattoo on her ring finger, she realizes there's more to her story than she initially thought...

Book 2

Mia thought uncovering her past would bring her peace, but it only brought more danger. But to defeat her enemies, she'll have to face her greatest challenge yet: fighting against the one person she loves most...

Book 3

Mia finds herself in a desperate situation when her brother is framed for murder. With her brother's fate hanging in the balance, she leans on his best friend and roommate, Ethan Chase, and sparks fly. But as Mia delves deeper into the investigation, she discovers that the truth she's so close to finding will destroy the man she loves. Will she sacrifice her heart for justice?


With gripping suspense, heart-wrenching romance, and unexpected twists, this series will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Don't miss out on this must-read series!

YA Contemporary Fantasy

Book 1

Sage and her twin brother have to keep their abilities a secret and live on the run from the Trackers who want them dead. But when Sage accidentally transports the star athlete of her new school, Damien, into her mind, she must deceive him to protect her secret. However, as she gets closer to him, danger looms, and Sage must embrace her ability and face her enemy head-on to save Damien's life.

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Book 2

Anya is one of the "freaks" with extraordinary abilities who must hide from the special ops team hunting them down. But when she saves the life of Tristan, a member of that team, he discovers her secret and everything changes. In this thrilling contemporary fantasy, Anya must navigate dangerous secrets, forbidden romance, and the constant threat to her life...

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Book 3

Brooke discovers a book about telekinesis in her locker with a coded message about her mother's death inside. With the help of her crush's best friend, Jackson, they follow the clues to uncover the truth, all while navigating their complicated feelings for each other...

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Book 4

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Fairytales Reimagined

Author Signed: Fairy Tales Reimagined

An enchanting collection of connected retellings involving all the most-loved fairytale characters in literature.

Book 1: Jack Frost & Snow Queen retelling

Jack is pulled into the Chanted Kingdom through a mysterious mirror and meets Princess Aria, who needs his help to complete the Mirror of Reason to leave the kingdom forever, but as Aria's feelings for Jack intensify and her ice powers grow stronger, she must decide whether to sacrifice her love or risk everything to save those she holds dear...

Book 2: Red Riding Hood Retelling

Get ready for a new twist on the classic fairy tale as Red Riding Hood seeks revenge and joins forces with Robin Hood's band of misfits on a mission to rescue Princess Marian, but Red has her own target in mind and faces dangerous consequences when she falls in love with Will Scarlet, who has a secret that will break her...

Book 3: Beauty & The Beast Retelling

Belle is a woman on a mission, determined to uncover the secrets of a dungeon that holds the key to her cure. But what she finds is a man unlike any other, with no memories but a heart of gold and a regal past. Together, they must navigate dangerous enemies, a beast terrorizing the forest, and Nathaniel's own dark secrets to secure their happily ever after.

Book 4: Snow White & Huntsman Retelling

As Snow White seeks to defeat the Snow Queen, she enlists the Huntsman's help, unaware that he was sent by her enemy to capture her...

Book 5: The Little Mermaid & Captain Hook Retelling

The Little Mermaid must choose between duty and love as she is engaged to the Prince but secretly in love with the brooding pirate, Captain Hook, and must decide whether to go through with a marriage alliance to save her father or fight for her own happiness...

Book 6: A Cinderella Retelling

Cinderella is running from the Prince who wants her captured...

Book 7: Sleeping Beauty Retelling

The thrilling seventh book in the Fairy Tales Reimagined series by USA TODAY Bestselling authors, Laura Burton and Jessie Cal! Full blurb coming soon!

Book 8: Rapunzel Retelling

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